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Meet the Founders

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A note from Stephanie, Entrepreneur, Influencer Manager 


In 2013, I graduated from Indiana University and moved to New York City to manage my sister, top fitness influencer Jen Selter. I've been playing this social media game for 7 years and counting. Through out my journey, I have grown 7 separate Instagram brands and managed additional influencers. My experience has expanded my network and taught me the importance of adaptation and mastery of new platforms such as TikTok. In order to create a successful long term brand, it is important to know how manage roles and responsibilities.  I wanted to create a Company that offers a well rounded support system, and teaches you from the ground up, the tools you need to feel good about where you are, and where you are going. 


It's our goal to help you monetize your social media platforms and create a brand identity that will last beyond the instagram wave. SelterMedia was created to coach you, this way you never need to second think your decisions along the way.




A Note from Natalie, Reality Star, TV Host, Influencer


In 2010, I graduated with a BA in communications, specializing in Public Relations and Journalism. After graduation I took a corporate job that was distant from my dreams of being in the entertainment industry.

In 2016, I joined the cast of Big Brother, Season 18, on CBS and left the corporate world. After the season, I experienced the taste of fame and gained a massive social media following. At the time, I lacked the proper guidance on how to build a unique brand which kept me from optimizing the opportunity I was given. After a few too many relationships with managers, I decided to empower myself and learn the industry hands on.


Fast forward 4 years later, deals have increased, because I know how to deliver results and while keeping my morals intact. I'm excited to share the knowledge I have gained and be the professional guides you need, to succeed. 


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