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Management: For Influencers

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Selter Media was created by influencers who have experience working on both the talent and management side.

Over the years, it was clear there was a void in the industry. Selter Media set out to create a team that can focus on the business side of your brand, so that you can focus on creating. We provide you with a support system, and strong network that will guide you during the growth of your influencer career and secure you the best deals.

 If you have developed an engaged community across more than one social platform, create quality content, and are willing to hustle hard with us, we want to hear from you!

For Brands


​+ We work with you to create a strategy for your campaign that can be executed on social media.

+ We curate a customized list of influencers around your budget.

+We will handle all negotiations, contracts, and manage the talent until deliverables are complete.


​+ Let us know your target audience, your budget, and goals. 

​+ We will help you get product in the hands of influencers.


Our role:

We handle your influencer outreach, the back and fourth emails, rate negotiation, and securing each steps of secured partnerships from start to finish. 

We use a 24/7 management approach which means we are always on call with and maintain close relationships with each influencer.


Having a manager helps you think long term for the growth of your brand and business. It should also help you secure better partnerships and reach your goals faster.

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