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Meet the Founders

steph selter_edited.jpg

Stephanie Selter

Natalie Negrotti

influencer/Talent Managers  

A note from Natalie, Reality Star, TV Host, Influencer


Damn do we wish a team like this existed to guide us when we first got started. So many That feeling, where you don't know where to begin or if you are doing anything right. Where you should focus your energy? Someone brings you an opportunity, but is it a good deal? Do you know your worth? Should you get a job or pursue this full time? All these emotions leave you feeling completely alone, lost, and yes i've made mistakes along the way. From signing with a Agency that reps a million people to going onto another show for way less that my value- lets face it I had no idea.


Stephanie came along and between her support and learning the hard way here we are. 

Talk about other agency experience, never felt like they cared about me. At Selter Media we are going to XXX

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A note from Stephanie, Entrepreneur, Influencer Manager 

Hey everyone!! Let me start by introducing myself. I'm Steph! I've been playing this social media for 7 years and counting.  Started as an influencer assistant, moved onto influencer assistant/photographer... Spent many years as manager while playing agent and protector. Its a full package deal and you'll need a smart, supportive team behind you to truly you truly make it as an influencer. 

It's our goal to helped  you monetize what you've been gifted. 

Coach you, this way you never need to second think your decisions along the way. 

Lets develop an online brand and social media presence that starts with TV and ends with reality.

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