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With over 10 years of expertise Natalie and Stephanie came together to create formula that will help you build a long term social media brand and teach you everything that you need to know to be successful in this industry. Together, we will guide you through the entire process and have your back the way we wished someone had ours when we first started. Selter Media has created a support hub for Talent with a television or social media presence. We are a unique Talent Management Team, led by influencers, offering top-of-the-line guidance to walk you towards the path of success that will lead you to brand collaborations that are top of your list. 

  • Influencer Branding     

  • Career Coaching 

  • Celebrity/Influencer Management

  • Social Media Strategy 

  • Paid Collaborations

  • Public Relations     

  • Influencer Programs

  • Business Development

The Inside Scoop


Are you looking for guidance and representation? Good news is that you've came to the right place and no longer need to look any further. Selter Media has been leading industry influencers and celebrities towards creating their best content and brand strategy to get partnerships with brands of their choice and achieve their goals.


Is it hard work? YES. Does it take time to establish a name for yourself ? YES.  While working through this with Selter Media we will make the process fun and enriching. Relieving the stress while you get to rest. 

Are you ready to map out your path to success and turn this incredible opportunity into a full-time business?  Let us support you during this incredible journey.  We will share the inside scoop of industry knowledge that you need to know to, get paid your worth.

Everything we wish we knew when we were first getting started we will share with you. Most of all we will make sure you have fun, build relationships while building your brand, and feel happy doing it!



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